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Michel 15/07/2015

par heyreiko 15 Septembre 2015, 03:38 Michel

On 15/07/2015 04:38, SH IMCC wrote:

Dear Ms:

Greeting from Shanghai First People's Hospital International Medical Care Center.

Since Mr. Mery Michel was admission in our hospital on 11 July, we have contact with the BNP PARIBAS insurance and received with top coverage 74,000 CNY, right now, the payment reached 320,000 CNY and the estimate cost is at least 550,000 CNY. Do you have any other insurance information ? Would you please contact with them and request the insurance to open the case for Mr. Mery Michel and find a local agency to cover the payment ?

By the way , Mr. Mery Michel is in ICU department now, and would you please send us an authoration forms for further treatment.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Cynthia Ye

Shanghai First People’s Hospital
International Medical Care Center

FAX: +86 21 63069484

24H Emergency Assistance: +86 21 63243852

E-mai: firsthospitalimcc@163.com

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